Best Gay Mormon Blog on the Internet

The title of this post has to be qualified a little bit, because I am wholly unacquainted with the gay blogging landscape. But when I stumbled across Soy Made Me Gay, I was really interested. Here was Clint, a gay Mormon, who had chosen to take the church’s counsel and remain celibate. I’m sure Clint would loathe to be compared to Abraham, but I can’t help drawing parallels with the faith required to sacrifice Isaac. Clint shares his own disarmingly honest feelings about his own homosexuality and shares some really valuable advice for straight Mormons with gay friends and/or relatives (which, let’s face it, is or will be all of us).

Sadly, he announced today that he will no longer be posting to his blog. I hope this only a temporary hiatus. His voice is a much needed perspective among so many which either cast the LDS church and homosexuals as two groups antithetical by definition, or else identify as Mormon but prefer to ignore the counsel of General Authorities.


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