Athanasius and Gnostic Statue



Aussie Seamus MacDonald begins a series of posts today on Aathanasius. I think Athanasius gets a less than fair shake among us LDSs. True, the dogmatics of this pedant are responsible for many of the fourth century Christian doctrines we find objectionable—after all, what we normally speak of in derision as the Nicene creed is really the Athanasian creed. However, Athanasius is also one of the foremost proponents of deification at this late date (it might not be exactly what we think of as deification, but at least he talks about it!)

Ever heard this?

God became man so that man might become a god.

Yeah, that’s Athanasius (De Incarnatione 54:3).

Today’s post from Seamus is on Christology, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he highlights in future posts.

Gnostic Statue?

man holding bowl

man holding bowl

A statue is on display until July 10 at the Malta Heritage Office which may or may not exhibit Gnostic symbols. This is the kind of thing I’d expect April DeConick to go nuts over. While the history of the statue is unclear, it is an important example of work from an obscure period in the island’s history.

P.S. What’s this guy doing with his hands?


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